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Your Residential Plumbing Expert

Since 2008, Mennillo Plumbing has been a trusted source for outstanding plumbing services in Westport, CT and the surrounding areas. We deliver the highest level of quality workmanship that ensures the best result for your home or business. As residential and commercial plumbing specialists, you can depend on us to do the best job for all of your plumbing needs.

When you need a reliable and cost-effective plumber, look no further than Mennillo Plumbing, LLC. We specialize in a wide range of different plumbing services including plumbing installation, leak repairs, water damage services, and many other residential plumbing services. We handle any type of plumbing concern you may have including faucet repair, shower repair, appliance installation, and garbage disposal repair. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling services to sewer main cleaning and drain repair, we have your needs fully covered.

Superior Heating Services

Mennillo Plumbing LLC offers superior heating services that will keep you warm and comfortable when the weather outside turns cold. We offer heating installation services, boiler inspection services, baseboard heating installation, and water heater service. With our energy efficient heating equipment and cost-effective heating system sales, you can feel confident knowing you are getting high-quality heating products.


At Mannillo Plumbing LLC, our focus is on quality and comfort. We’re committed to delivering the trusted plumbing and heating solutions our customers need in Westport, CT and the nearby areas.

Reliable And Cost Effective Plumber In Westport, CT

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Contact Mennillo Plumbing for more information about our plumbing services or to schedule residential or commercial plumbing by calling us at (203) 394-1766 today.

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